Makos fall to Hammerheads 404-652

In each individual swim event the scoring is: seven points for first, five points for second, four points for third and three points for fourth. If one team takes first and second it is awarded twelve points and the other team is awarded the seven points for third and fourth, even if the team that took first and second has swimmers that best the second place team’s top swimmers.

The Makos recorded their initial first place finish in an individual event when Abby Caruso crushed her competition in the age six and under 25-meter freestyle. She finished in 32.66 seconds and the fastest Hammerhead was way behind, finishing in 57.32 seconds. Unfortunately for the Makos, the age six and under events are not scored.  FAST swimmers Leanna Collier and Josh Hodges picked up second place finishes in the girls’ 8 and under 25-meter freestyle and the boys’ 9-10 50-meter freestyle. In the boys’ 11-12 50-meter freestyle, it was Jackson Kinsella gaining five points for his team with a second-place finish. The first event in which the Makos scored a sweep of first and second was the boys’ 15-18 50-meter freestyle. Mike DiFazio won the event, with Luke Gustafson taking second.

The FAST team got off to a quick start in the breaststroke events, as James Johnson was the winner in the boys’ 8 and under race. He won by better than two seconds. In the boys’ 11-12 breaststroke event, the Makos executed another sweep. Cole Gustafson was the winner, with Anthony Caruso taking second. Gustafson was nearly five seconds faster than the top Hammerhead swimmer.

In the backstroke events, James Johnson was again the winner in the 8 and under race, this time with a narrow 0.21-second margin of victory. In the girls’ 8 and under event, Collier recorded another second place finish for her team. Again in a six and under unscored event, Abby Caruso was dominant. She finished the 25-meter event in 34.62 seconds, while the second place finisher came in at 54.00 seconds. In the boys’ 11-12 50-meter backstroke Kinsella and Cole Gustafson sweep the event. Kinsella’s time was seven seconds better than the top Hammerhead time. In the boys’ age 15-18 backstroke event, Brennan King took second for the Makos.

Turning to the butterfly events, the last of the four swimming disciplines at swim meets, James Johnson again led things off for the Makos on a positive note. He won the age 8 and under 25-meter event for seven points. In the age 9-10 boys’ 50-meter butterfly, Josh Hodges took second. In the 11-12 event, Kinsella took second. In the 15-18 butterfly event, Mike DiFazio was the winner in the boys’ event and Emma DiFazio was second on the girls’ side.

In the last events of the meet the swimmers return to the freestyle for long distance events. In the boys’ 100-meter event, Hodges was second. In the boys’ 15-18 event, the Makos scored a sweep. Mike DiFazio was the winner, while Aden Johnson finished second.

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