Fluvanna Faces: Francis Hill

What did you do for a living?
I never did nothing but stay at home taking care of my kids. When I was 71, Miss Mozell Booker got me a job at Central Elementary School. I helped the kids. I corrected papers, walked them to the bathroom and rode the bus with them. I still go once a month with the senior citizens.

What do you do in your spare time?
I eat. I do word puzzles and coloring. I just got me a new coloring book. I make up my bed when I get up. I feed my husband. I take care of him. I go to church at West Bottom Baptist. I’ve gone there all my life. I can walk to the church. I was baptized in the creek. We didn’t have no indoor water back then. Now there’s no creek there anymore.

I love flowers. I always planted a flower garden but I’ve gotten too old. I love music, too. I call myself dancing. I like hip hop and blues. I love James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince.

What is one thing you’d like to do before you die?
There’s not anything I want to do. When God calls me I’m ready. I’ve lived a long, long life. You can’t come here and stay.

Tell me about one of your regrets.
The only thing I’m sorry about is I’m a cussing cousin. My grandmamma didn’t raise me that way, but when I get mad it just comes out. I ask God to forgive me.

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