Lake fights Aqua rate hike

By law, Aqua has to publish notice of the rate hike in newspapers by Oct. 10 and mail notices to customers by Nov. 10. The committee will be paying close attention to these two dates “because that’s what we can nail them on,” in future hearings and testimony, Harrison said.

The hearing will take place April 26, 2018, but Harrison made it clear there is a lot of work to be done in the meantime.
The committee will serve as respondents in the case, will comb through Aqua’s SCC filings for arguments, and work to develop exhibits and coordinate testimony at the hearings. They will also work to educate residents using social media and other communication channels.

Harrison said he believes there’s a good chance Aqua will hold a local meeting before the hearing in Richmond. He also said the committee may be able to get John Aulbach, president of Aqua Virginia, to hold a town meeting. 

While the SCC will not decide Aqua’s case until well after the April 2018 hearings, Harrison said that Aqua customers will see the rate increase hit their bills in February. Under the new rate schedule, the average household using 3,200 gallons per month will see its bill increase from $118.61 to $127.38.

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