Homework column strikes chord

I want to make it abundantly clear that this column did not, and should not be perceived to, attack a dedicated educator, who, in fact, happens to be my son’s favorite teacher. This teacher makes my son excited to go to social studies class, and for that I am profoundly grateful.

I hoped the column would start a community dialogue about homework and its place in our families and school system. And it did. People are discussing research-based homework policy both online and face to face. Parents and teachers are sharing stories with each other. I hope, for the sake of our children and families, that this continues.

The response from people of all walks of life has been astounding. Mothers, fathers, teachers, professionals, writers, politicians, out-of-towners – even an anonymous emailer with a painful life story to share – have told me that they were gratified and relieved to see their own sentiments in print.

That is the role that I chose to play when I decided to write my column. Provocative writing, by definition, stirs up passionate feelings, and putting ourselves on the front lines is rarely comfortable. But if saying what my fellow parents, teachers and neighbors are unable, unwilling, or even afraid to say can somehow help to shape our community for the better, then I am resolved to do so. Let’s keep talking.

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