Four-month county employees eligible for pay increases

Four-month county employees eligible for pay increases

By Christina Dimeo


How to handle pay raises and cost of living increases for brand new county employees has been a continual topic of discussion for the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors.

Wednesday evening (June 20) supervisors decided that employees who have been on board for four months or longer will be eligible for pay raises and cost of living adjustments (COLAs). COLAs increase employee income in an attempt to counter the effects of inflation.

Raises and COLAs will not automatically happen after four months of employment; rather, employees who have been around for at least four months will receive them when they come. Those who have worked for the county less than four months will need to wait for the next pay increase.

Supervisors weighed multiple options, including the so-called “simple plan” that would allow any employee, regardless of hire date, to receive a pay raise or COLA. County staff recommended the simple plan because, among other considerations, it would be easier to implement and track.

But a majority of supervisors didn’t agree with the reasoning behind the simple plan.

“I just don’t fundamentally understand the logic of someone starting May 25 and five days later getting a raise,” said Supervisor Tony O’Brien. Supervisors Don Weaver and Trish Eager agreed.

“You’re talking about a minuscule amount of money [to implement the simple plan], probably $5,000 total, and it’s going to cost us at least $5,000 in time to create systems to monitor this,” said County Administrator Steve Nichols.

O’Brien disputed that tracking employee hire dates would cost that much in staff time.

“Just tell us which one you want. We’ve fiddled with this for months,” said Nichols.

Supervisors approved a four-month waiting period by a vote of 4-0 (Supervisor Mozell Booker absent).

Fire and rescue insurance

The Board voted 4-0 to consolidate insurance coverage for the county’s fire and rescue workers to save money and increase benefits.

The county funds workers’ compensation insurance and accident and sickness insurance for volunteer fire and rescue personnel.

Consolidating the policies under the county provides equal workers’ compensation coverage at a cost saving of $4,000. Consolidating the accident and sickness insurance will save about $2,800 and provide a higher benefit.

Farm Heritage Museum spending

The Farm Heritage Museum under construction at Pleasant Grove is almost complete.

The Fluvanna Historical Society has put $274,999 toward the museum. The county has contributed $69,470 and voted 4-0 to supply another $3,500 to fully fund design and construction costs. Over the next few years the county will recoup some of that money.

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