Letters to the editor

Too many outages

Dominion Virginia Power has customer service issues and no answers. My power went out Saturday, June 2, for about eight hours; again on Sunday, June 3 from 1 to 6 p.m., and again on Monday, June 4 from 10 a.m. to noon. I spoke with repairmen (three trucks working on outage) and they had no answers. This was told to me all three days. When I called Dominion’s phone number, I only got mechanical voice prompts to leave messages and I would receive a call back. The power company did phone back to tell me my lights were on and no other information. I feel Dominion is the worst power company I have ever had.
Peter Heffernan
Lake Monticello

Vote for Freitas

To once again win a statewide election in Virginia and to grow the Republican Party into a prosperous and successful organization, we must return to the fundamental principles of which the party was organized on in 1854 to combat the spread of slavery. The God given, inalienable rights for all men and women as written in our nation’s founding document guided the party from abolishing slavery to Republicanism being much more than a political party affiliation, but a way of life. A renewed focus on our individual rights, popular sovereignty and an uncompromising commitment to liberty are the values that will deliver us from political oppression and return us to self-governance. These are the values of the “Liberty Rising” movement, led by Nick Freitas. Not only is he the only Republican who can defeat Senator Tim Kaine in 2018, but the force to drive the liberty movement is the future of the Republican Party. Please vote for Nick Freitas on June 12 in the Republican primary.
Andrew Pullen

Was it a time honored ceremony or a day at the fair?

As I approached the entrance to the football stadium the smell of kettle corn and fried dough filled my nostrils. Venders were peddling their souvenir t-shirts and lemonade. Lines of people pushing strollers and eating chili fries pressed their way into…a graduation ceremony?

I have attended many high school and college graduations through my years. I’ve seen at least 20 movies that had a graduation scene in them. I’ve listened to stories from friends and aquaintences about graduations they have attended and not once has a scene like I witnessed at Fluvanna County High School graduation been conveyed to me. I could not believe the carnival like atmosphere this huge accomplishment had been reduced to for our Fluvanna County graduates. It was distressing to watch our community disrespect such a huge rite of passage by playing games in the grass, talking and walking through the entire ceremony, getting up to get snacks, and filing out of the stadium after their graduate had been called showing absolutely no respect for the students having names at the end of the alphabet.

What have we become as a society when we can’t respectfully sit through a two-hour ceremony without a snack? What are we telling those graduates about how we view their accomplishment when we get up and walk and talk through something they worked 13 years to achieve? How dare we demand respect from our youth when that is how we treat them and their hard work. They reenact what we have taught them and by the demonstration I witnessed, we are teaching them that hard work and education are not worth much more than a snow cone. When we are looking to these young minds in the future to develop cures for diseases for us or engineer a cleaner method of transportation for us or care for us in our advanced years, I just hope that they will have forgotten how grievously they were treated by us during one of the most important days of their lives.

Malina Rivers

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