Fluvanna Review launches new mobile-friendly website

Fluvanna Review launches new mobile-friendly website

By Christina Dimeo, editor

The Fluvanna Review is pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Modern and mobile-friendly, fluvannareview.com now delivers the news you want in a format that’s intuitive and easy to use.

Find all the latest news on our homepage, and check out the various categories under the “news” tab to see stories broken down by content. In just a couple of clicks you can access coverage on government, crime, schools, business, sports, art, public safety and more.

Our paper is still posted online in its entirety every Thursday. Instead of downloading it, you can now view the paper right on our website. Hit the “full screen” button for a better look.

All of our older content will continue to be accessible. Simply click “archives” and you will be redirected to our former website, with access to all our earlier stories and publications.

Contacting us is easy. We’ve done away with our old submission forms in favor of a cleaner approach. Visit our “about us” page – or look in the newspaper – to find our email addresses and phone numbers. We’d like to hear from you.

The Fluvanna Review is the flagship paper of Valley Publishing, a small business co-owned by publisher Carlos Santos, and located right here in our community on Lake Monticello Road. Valley Publishing puts out four monthly newspapers: Buckingham Beacon, Louisa Life, OC Magazine and Scottsville Monthly. Check them out on our website to see what’s going on nearby.

Advertise with us
Now is the perfect time to start advertising on our website. Take advantage of the increased web traffic and visibility to make sure that your ad is the first thing people see.

Unlike other publications, we design display and web ads for free. And that’s on top of having the lowest advertising rates in Central Virginia.

The Fluvanna Review is the best-read paper in the county. We print 6,300 copies each week, and very few remain on the stands.

Given that each copy is typically read by two or more people, advertisements in our newspaper easily reach over 15,000 readers each week. Our busy website further extends that reach.

We blanket Lake Monticello, Sycamore Square and Broken Island, and have copies at more than 100 key locations throughout Fluvanna, Albemarle, Louisa and Charlottesville.

We’ve got Fluvanna covered – but we can do more than that. Place an ad – and get a discount – in one or more of our monthly papers to multiply your reach. Taken together, our papers have a circulation of 46,000 a month.

Call Judi Price, advertising director, at 434-207-0223 or email her at sales@fluvannareview.com to jump on one of our current promotions.

We need each other
If you want to know what’s going on in the county, you have to read the Fluvanna Review.

We are the only media outlet committed to this county. Not only that, but we cover Fluvanna with a depth and accuracy that is unsurpassed.

What if supervisors were planning a tax hike to pay for a controversial development? What if the School Board were considering a policy that runs contrary to your moral beliefs? What if an elected official were discovered to have done something illegal? Would you want to know about it?

The truth is, without the Fluvanna Review, you probably wouldn’t.

You may hear word-of-mouth reports – but they usually don’t have the facts straight.

You may read a paragraph in a newsletter or email – but they usually don’t tell the whole story. There’s a term for information that comes directly from an organization: public relations. Do you trust PR as your sole source of information?

The Fluvanna Review consistently succeeds at keeping you informed on things that matter – even things others might not want you to know about. We do a remarkable job for this county – as evidenced by our 81 Virginia Press Association awards, which compare us to similarly-sized papers across the state.

Best of all, we are completely free.

But we need your help.

We don’t belong to a national syndicate with pockets millions of dollars deep. We don’t get our content from other publications across the area. We don’t depend upon a supply of volunteers.

We live here, work here, and raise children and grandchildren here. We want to continue our service to you – the people of Fluvanna County – but that can’t happen without your support.

As a free paper, the only money we bring in is your advertising dollars. That’s it.

If we have helped you in some way by:

  • Publishing letters to the editor advertising your class, politics or group;
  • Spotlighting your business, church or nonprofit in an article;
  • Running free blurbs publicizing your event;
  • Printing your submissions showcasing your children’s sports team;
  • Highlighting your art, your animals, or your cause; or
  • Informing you of the things that happen in the county you love;

Then please consider giving back by placing paid advertisements in our newspaper and online. Your support will enable us to continue to support you in the 24 pages we put out each week.

We need you and you need us. Let’s work together to keep Fluvanna open, enriched and informed.

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