Kids puzzle over mysterious grown-up behaviors

By Christina Dimeo, editor

When you were a kid, did you think you’d have it all figured out by the time you were a grown-up?

Third graders in Angela Davis’ language arts classes at Carysbrook Elementary aren’t so sanguine about adults these days. Asked to expound on grown-up life, these kids called it the way they see it – and minced no words along the way.

Why do they walk around in their underwear?
Why do they call them grown ups if a kid can be taller than them why do they snore why walk around in their underwear (some of them) Why do they not like to share money with us. why do they get to boss us around every day.

They kiss way too much
Why do they buy a car and then drive it when they have video games with cars on it. And why do they kiss so much the whole wide world!!!!!!!!! Why do they get to drive a car and babies and other kids do not get to drive THAT IS SO DANG Crazy!

Grown-ups get $30 a day
What I don’t think makes sense about grown-ups, is that they always get jobs that can give them a lot of money. When kids like us, sell things and only get $5! Grown-ups get something like $30 a day! And I don’t think that’s fair.

Why are they always correcting us?
What also makes no sense to me is that grown-ups somehow immediately think of something better, or correct you about something that you said. And also what makes grown-ups strange is that they get addicted to stuff like cigarettes, even though they know that it’s bad for their lungs.

Why are they so weak?
As you get older your bones get stronger so how come when grown ups get in there late 40s their bones seem to get weaker? How can grown ups write so neatly? How can grown ups speak spanish? How come they don’t feel as much pain as kids?

How can they stand lip-kissing?
First: I want to know how you people can predict the weather. Second: How can grown-ups write so neatly and type at superspeed? Third: How can you stand lip-kissing? Fourth: Why are you so germaphobic? Fifth: Why do you get too stay up late? Sixth: How can you be annoying all the time? Seventh: How come we can’t judge you but you can judge us?! Tell me that peoples!! And last question: why can you boss us around but we cant boss you around????

Working in the summer makes no sense
Why do grown-ups get to boss there kids around and why do grown-ups get to drive and kids don’t. Why do grown-ups get to do like everything all the time. I don’t understand why grown-ups sometimes smoke. Why do grown-ups get married and have kids. I don’t understand why grown-ups sometime have to work in the SUMMER!!!! I don’t understand why grown-ups have to work like almost every day.

It’s fun to pay taxes
Why do grown-ups have to pay taxes? Who invented taxes? Why do people have to pay taxes? Are taxes that important? Why do grown-ups have to pay taxes every now and then? Why can’t they pay them every two or three years? Why cant kids just pay the taxes? It is probably very fun to pay the taxes. Why do grown-ups get to do everything that kids don’t? Is it because we are younger and they are older? Is it because they have been on the earth longer than we have?

It’s my house too
What I think doesn’t make sense about grown ups is why do grown ups get to go to sleep later than kids. Why do they have money and I mean a lot of money and credit cards. My last one is why is it that they say a house is their house even though you are living in it.

Why so many punishments?
Grown ups always have to work and they never play with you. Grown ups always punish kids for some weird reason. Parents get to stay up later than kids. Parents never let you buy things.

It wasn’t me
Why do grown-ups punish us? why do they make us do chores? why do they get mad at us? How do we get in trouble when are siblings are the ones who are messing with us? Why are alot of grown-ups taller than us?

They play tricks on us
Why I think grown-ups are weird is because sometimes they can play really mean tricks on you because one time, my dad pretended that his finger was bleeding really bad when he actually just put a bandage on and colored it red and it was really scary because I thought that he was going to die when he really wasn’t and I was so relieved but really mad at the same time.

Hey, you’re on your screen
Grown ups are weird because they are always making you do stuff but then when I see them there either watching the tv or playing there computer. Also they’re weird because they think there so mature but I think i’m more mature than them because spend so much time on there phone and then they say i’m too young for a phone. Also they are weird because they never just buy you what you always have to do something for it.

They make you do too many chores
The thing that i think that doesn´t make sense about grown ups is that thay don´t let you sleep in, grown ups don´t let you have a lot of candy and i think we shoud. I think that thay are so lazy becase thay make us do all the work. Thay made me fold all the cloths all of them ln one day or els thay woud take my mony all of it away. I don´t like taking the dog out on a walk and i don´t like taking the trash out. I don´t like waking up so arly i wud like to sleep in some time soun. I want to go to bed later at night thay make me go to bed @ eaght thrty pm that is so eraly. I whud like this to go in the nespaper.
They won’t say where babies come from
Because they never told us where babies come from and give us to many chores. They get mad for no reason. And there savage and crazy at the same time.

Bribery is a fine line
What I think doesn’t make sense about grown ups is that they can kind of bribe you into stuff. EXAMPLE: Go clean your room or you get no video games for the whole week! Some people call that a bribe.
Why get something if you don’t know how to use it?
They get things they don’t know how to use and they can be tall or as tall as a 4rth grader. But what really doesn’t make sense about the grown ups is that they fight sometimes.

What’s up with all the vineyards?
For some strange reason, they’re always going to vineyards. They like almost every type of food. They never like to get their clothes wet. They always wear nice clothes, or what they’re supposed to wear. They’re very picky. They can be very bossy. They don’t like screens.

They appear out of nowhere
Something that I don’t understand about grown ups. Is that every time they wake up there just grumpe. And when you playing your game and you have a dirty room they JUST COME OUT OF NOWHERE AND SAY CLEAN YOUR ROOM! And something else i don’t get is that every time there on there phone all i here is gigle gigle.

Out of the mouths of babes
Why do grown ups think they have control over everything? Why do some grown ups think there’s nothing more to learn? Why will some grown ups do anything for extra money? Why some grown ups try to lead people into doing what’s wrong when they know it is?

They are utterly helpless with technology
Grown ups sometimes can’t work with phones or their computers. Like some of them have to ask their kids to help them to Log them in or out. Or they will need help with a TV because they don’t know what channel they want to watch. And when they try to figure out their own password when they just got on it. Even when you want to take a pitcher with you they forget how to use their phone and when your mom has to clean her storeige in her phone because she has too many pitchers when you
where a baby and there are always in your personol space.

They wake us up way too early
I would love too watch youtube all night long. It would be amazing! But you know I always get woken up by my parents at 6:00 am! And I would love to stay up later than bedtime. I wish bedtime was not real. I also think they are wierd because they don’t tell us where babies come from. They don’t know when to change their password on anything!

They cuss but don’t let us do it
Some grown ups tell us not to cuss but then they cuss and they don’t buy us toys but then they spend hungrits of dollars on food. Theat make us do chors wene it easier for them to do it them self.

We need freedom too, you know
I don’t think makes sense that we as in us children can not boss the adult around. I mean they boss us around. Yes for our own good because we have less experience, but still. I understand the adults are older but we need some freedom to.

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