Future scientists win at fair

Future scientists win at fair

Middle school students shone at the science fair ___date___ with projects ranging from magnetism and radiation to toothpaste and lipstick. Pictured are the top winners by grade level. Submitted by Rachel Moravec.

Fifth grade

First place: Brennan Pezalla – How does temperature affect the strength of magnets?

Second: Alexandria Sheffield – Rocket science: How much pressure?

Third: Bella Ott and Avilyn Morris – What causes Skittles to dissolve?

Sixth grade

First: Georgia Smith and Katie Bond – Which color paper absorbed the most radiation?

Second: Piper LaRochelle and Olivia Martin – How much iron is found in cereal?

Third: Betz Everitt, Kylie Phillips and Gina Madison – Does the shape of a boat determine the amount of weight it can hold?

Seventh grade

First: Jon Farmer – Elephant’s toothpaste experiment

Second: Jalyn Ondek and Reagan Oliver – Testing the durability of lipsticks: cheap vs. expensive

Third: Alexis Perry – Which method decreases the amount of time required to solve a Rubik’s cube?

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