Fluvanna County information and updates about COVID-19

Press release

Fluvanna County continues to monitor the rapidly evolving COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation.

.Residents are encouraged to consult available, credible resources to maintain awareness, and to observe healthy practices.

County updates may be found at www.fluvannacounty.org/coronavirus.

As of March 19, Fluvanna County closed to the public, all county owned and operated buildings. The county will continue to operate on a normal schedule serving the community remotely via telephone, email, My Two Cents, fax, or any other electronic means.

Operational changes that are now in effect include:

Public access and meetings

All county facilities will close to the general public; department-specific information is included

below. Unless otherwise noted, all departments can be accessed through the Fluvanna County website:


Building/department information

County Administration Building:

  • County Administration: Phone: (434) 591-1910; Fax: (434) 591-1913
  • Information Technology: Phone: (434) 591-1910
  • Planning/Zoning: Phone: (434) 591-1910; Fax: (434) 591-1911
  • Building Inspections: Phone: (434) 591-1935; Fax: (434) 591-1911
  • Economic Development: Phone: (434) 591-1910; Fax: (434) 591-1911
  • Human Resources: Phone: (434) 591-1919; Fax: (434) 591-1959
  • Finance: Phone: (434) 591-1930; Fax: (434) 591-1931
  • CSA: Phone: (434) 591-1933; Fax: 591-1934
  • Health Department: Phone: (434) 591-1960; Fax: 591-1961

o WIC: by appointment

o Family planning: by appointment

  • Environmental Health: Phone: (434) 591-1965; Fax: (434) 1966

o Vital Records: Individuals or funeral homes wishing to obtain copies of death

certificates, birth certificates, marriage or divorce certificates can contact the Fluvanna

County Environmental Health Office at 434-591-1965 and an application will be

mailed, emailed or faxed. Our fax number is 434-591-1966. Payments can be made

by check or over the phone with a credit card.

o Septic/Well Permits: These can be submitted by mail, email or fax. Payments can be

made by check or over the phone with a credit card. Completed permits will be mailed

and a copy emailed to applicant.

o Freedom of Information Requests: These can also be submitted by mail, fax or


o State Lab Water Sample Submittals: Businesses who submit water samples to be

sent to the state lab, please call and let me know when samples will be dropped off and

I will make arrangements with courier.

o Animal Exposures: Please call the health department and we will determine if testing

is required. We will work with Fluvanna County Animal Control in regards to testing

and confinement.

Fluvanna County Courthouse: Phone: (434) 591-1970; Fax: (434) 591-1971

  • The Fluvanna County courthouse will remain open as necessary/dictated by the state/judges.

Public Works staff will coordinate with court clerks to continue sanitary efforts. The Clerk’s

Office has suspended acceptance of passport applications until further notice. Please contact

the Clerk’s Office at (434) 591-1970 before coming to the courthouse to determine if your

business is an emergency or essential, and whether you can be assisted remotely.

Commonwealth Attorney’s Building: Phone: (434) 591-1985; Fax: (434) 591-1986

  • The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office will continue to be available by phone and/or email in

order to serve the public. We will also make necessary arrangements to meet in person for

time sensitive or emergency cases.

  • Protective order issues will be handled on a case by case basis. If you have need for a

protective order, please contact the victim advocate, Sherri Stader, by phone at 434-591-1985,

or by email at sstader@fluvannacounty.org for further instructions.

Public Work’s Building: Phone: (434) 591-1925; Fax: (434) 591-1924

  • Payment for dog tags and utilities may be made by:

o Mail – PO Box 299, Palmyra, VA 22963

o Drop Box – located on Palmyra Way, across from the Palmyra Methodist Church.

Registrar/Voter Registration: Phone: (434) 589-3593

Voter services, such as registering to vote, applying for absentee ballots or updating voter

information can be done online at:

o The Virginia Department of Elections website: https://www.elections.virginia.gov

o Fluvanna County website: https://www.fluvannacounty.org/registrar

Treasurer/Commissioner of the Revenue Building:

  • Treasurer’s Office: Phone: (434) 591-1945

o Payment for dog tags and utilities may be made by:

 Mail – PO Box 299, Palmyra, VA 22963

 Drop Box – located on Palmyra Way, across from the Palmyra Methodist


o Payment for Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes made by:

 Mail – PO Box 299, Palmyra, VA 22963

 Drop Box – located on Palmyra Way, across from the Palmyra Methodist


 Online: https://www.officialpayments.com/index.jsp

  • Commissioner of the Revenue: Phone: (434) 591-1940; Fax: (434) 591-1941
  • Court Services: Phone: (434) 591-1990

o By appointment.

  • Probation Office: Phone: (434) 422-4093

o By appointment

Carysbrook Complex:

  • Department of Social Services: Phone: (434) 842-8221

o The Fluvanna County Department of Social Services was closed to the public

effective March 19 until further notice. The agency continues to accept Child Protective Services (CPS)/Adult Protective Services (APS) referrals. To report a CPS or APS issue during working hours, please call 434-842-8221. For afterhours concerns, please contact the hotlines: for CPS call 1-800-552-7096 and for APS call 1-888-832-3858. You may apply for benefits online at

https://commonhelp.virginia.gov, by phone at 1-855-635-4370, or for Medical

Assistance only at 1-855-242-8282 (TDD: 1-888-221-1590). If you prefer a paper

application, you may call us at 434-842-8221 and one will be mailed to you. Once it is

completed, please mail to P. O. Box 98, Fork Union, VA 23055 or place in the Drop

Box in front of our office. You may submit needed information/documentation by

mail or fax: 434-842-2776, or the Drop Box in front of our office. Staff will continue

to work their normal schedules and you may reach them by calling 434-842-8221.

Should you need a replacement EBT card, you may call 1-866-281-2448. We want to

ensure our residents that we remain committed to providing quality and continuous

services to our community. We ask that you be patient with us as we attempt to alter

our operations for both your health and safety as well as that of our employees.

  • Carysbrook Gym: Closed
  • MACAA Rural Outreach: Closed.

o Contact information: Phone: (434) 295-3171; Fax: 434-296-0093; Email:


  • Carysbrook Performing Arts Center: Phone: (434) 842-1333; Email: info@carysbrook.org;

Web: http://www.carysbrook.org/

o Closed; all performances canceled or postponed.

  • Library: Phone: (434) 591-1400; Web: www.fcplva.org

o Closed to the public.

o Curb-Side-To-Go for items on hold.

Sheriff’s Office Building: Phone: (434) 589-8211 (non-emergency number) – 911 for emergencies

  • The Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Services will operate as normal; the

public is encouraged to limit their interaction and call the non-emergency line, (434)589-8211,

to report past crimes or ask questions about fire, rescue, or law enforcement matters. If you

have questions about the Coronavirus, please call the Virginia Department of Health at (434)

972-6261. In the event of an emergency please call 911.

Fluvanna Community Center:

  • Cooperative Extension Office: Phone: (434) 591-1950

o All VCE-Fluvanna in-person programs and meetings have been suspended at this time.

The office is currently utilizing a telework status and the office is closed to the public.

Please call 434-591-1950 if you have questions that need to be addressed or if you

have soil or plant samples to drop off. If you are unable to reach someone during office

hours of 8:00am-4:30pm, please contact Kim Mayo, Unit Coordinator at

kmayo@vt.edu or 434-390-5996.

  • Parks and Recreation: Phone: (434) 842-3150

o Closed to the Public.

Pleasant Grove House: Phone: (434) 589-2016; Fax: (434) 589-1875

  • Pleasant Grove House Museum – Closed
  • Farm Heritage Museum – Closed
  • Dog Park – Open. Residents urged to consider social-distance recommendations if using.
  • Trails – Open. Residents urged to consider social-distance recommendations if using.

Historic Courthouse – Closed.

Weaver Building – Closed.

Convenience Center: Phone: (434) 842-3198

  • The Convenience Centers will continue normal operation. The public is encouraged to continue

best practices regarding sanitation and social distancing. Staff will remain on-site, although

they have been instructed to limit contact with visitors to the facilities.

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