Drive-in Graduation Set for June 13

By Ruthann Carr

Maybe they got tired of waiting.

Fluvanna High School Principal Margo Bruce announced Wednesday (May 19) on Facebook the graduation committee decided to hold the ceremony on June 13.

Just a week prior, Superintendent Chuck Winkler said tentative plans for graduation were to wait until July.

Bruce said the decision involved graduating seniors, Winkler, herself, the athletic director, and senior class sponsors.

“We met to determine the best course of action moving forward,” Bruce said in an email. “Delaying the graduation until July 11 would not provide any additional benefits to our senior class. We want to honor our senior class with a graduation ceremony in a timely fashion.”

While the committee continues to work on details, Bruce gave an overview: A stage will be set up in the back of the school behind the cafeteria.

“The graduates will receive a letter with a parking number,” Bruce said. “They will pull into that space (in the parking lot.) We plan to transmit through the radios. All students and families will stay in their cars with students limited to one car, SUV or minivan per student. We will have a program with valedictorian and salutatorian speeches, welcome, etc.”

Bruce said when it’s time to hand out diplomas, a student’s name will be called and the student will drive up to her, get out and walk across the stage to receive their diploma, then get back in their car and return to their parking space.

“Once all names have been called, I will ask them to turn their tassel,” she said. “Graduates will wear a cap and gown and we are providing a mask for seniors.”

Teachers will participate by decorating their cars and will stay in their cars in their lot.

“Social distancing will be followed,” Bruce said.

Graduation will begin at 10 a.m. Seniors are to arrive at 9 a.m.

There will be no spectators except for those in the student’s car

Bruce said the ceremony will be recorded and available on You Tube shortly after the ceremony.

“We are sorry if this has caused any inconvenience,” Bruce said. “We are working in the best interest of the entire senior class of 2020.”

Bruce included in her email two quotes from students.

Amina Wilson, class president, acknowledged it was hard to have to change plans.

“It’s unfortunate to not have a normal graduation due to our current situation, but our administration has been working endlessly to provide us with a ceremony,” Wilson said. “They truly want the best for us. Let’s be thankful that we are able to walk across a stage rather than clicking onto a Zoom call.”

Loren Black, student government association president, said she appreciated the time everyone put in to making sure they have a ceremony.

“I would like to thank all of the teachers, administrators, and staff who have worked so hard to put on a graduation for us,” Black said. “I believe they have come up with the best way to hold a graduation where all of us can be together and walk the stage, while still maintaining the guidelines of the state during this time. Moving the graduation date earlier will hopefully provide all students a better opportunity to attend and for the class of 2020 to be all together in one place!”
If you have any questions or concerns contact Margo Bruce @ or 434-589-3666 ext. 3038.

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