Robert Moment to speak at NAACP virtual banquet

Page H. Gifford

Inspirational author and businessman Robert Moment will address the Fluvanna chapter of the NAACP at their virtual annual banquet on Saturday, Oct. 17. The title of his speech is “You Can Make A Difference.”

“I plan to share a few words of wisdom to inspire, encourage, and challenge the listening audience to continue to take an active role in being a positive change in the community and the nation,” he said.

Moment specializes in writing non-fiction business and Christian books. His published books include:  “It Only Takes a Moment to Score,” “The Path to Emotional Healing,” “Christian Youth,” “Starting a New Job,” “Get a Job Quickly After 50,” “Making a Career Change,” and “What Makes You Stand Out,” which he discussed as a guest business lecturer for the Rutgers University Global Sports Marketing Master’s Program class of 2021.

He is known as “the get hired expert” who dedicates his time to helping professionals find jobs by coaching them on the most effective ways to communicate and demonstrate the value they can bring to a prospective employer. Job seekers learn to recognize what makes them stand out and get hired with Moment’s guidance.

“After working for fortune 500 companies for over 25 years, I realized that I could make a more significant difference in more people’s lives by showing them ways to unlock their potential to be the best version of themselves in business and life.” The companies he worked with included Citigroup, Pitney Bowes, Xerox, and Sprint. Working with these companies gave Moment an insight and an understanding of the corporate mindset, culture, and structure.

His inside look into the business-world shapes his message to others, trying to find their real purpose when it comes to career orientation. Moment is a firm believer that skills are not enough to push someone ahead but positive motivation and thinking outside the proverbial box is a large part of being successful.

There are many experts who talk a good game when it comes to coaching people for success. Moment explained what differentiates him from his competition.

“My extensive years of business acumen and strategies. The skills and training that I’ve acquired during my years of service in corporate America have allowed me to develop proven strategies to help professionals fast track themselves to success. Over 97 percent of my clients receive job offers after the first, second, or third interviews with companies,” he said. “My business motto is: Whoever interviews before you, the hiring manager won’t remember, and whoever interviews after you, the hiring manager, won’t consider. You will always be the irresistible hire.”

As for being a role model for African-Americans in his field, Moment chooses not to see himself that way but considers himself a “difference-maker.”

“My lifelong goal is to use my ability to transform the life of anyone that crosses my path. There’s an old saying, ‘If you give a person a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.’ My objective is to impart to clients my knowledge, thereby empowering them to acquire long-lasting success.”

Moment’s positive attitude comes from his early upbringing in Fluvanna. His early education years were spent in the public-school system and growing up in a close-knit Christian home, the oldest of two children.

“My parents provided a positive support foundation for my brother and me; they instilled the values of hard work and integrity in both of us. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and that could not be truer. During my childhood, my neighborhood residents took concern and actively participated in my development and the development of every youth in the community.” After graduating from Fluvanna County High School, he earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration and pursued a career in business.

Moment went more in-depth regarding his method.

“I meet my clients, where they are at an emotional level. I am their accountability partner. I listen carefully to what my clients are saying and not saying. I utilize my observations to develop a plan that stretches the client beyond their comfort zone to bring out their inherent gifts; I then use those hidden gifts to coach them to success.”

In this economic climate when people may need to change careers or find a different job, Moment understands what that entails and the resulting emotional fall-out from not getting the job they want.

“I’m excited about my upcoming book titled “Mentally Strong Job Seeker.” I am confident this book will give professionals practical advice and guidance on adequately processing and handling job search anxiety and depression. Also, there will be easy to use steps for finding the job you want.” Moment recognizes the pitfalls of traversing the system to land a job but also the unique potential that lies within each individual who learns to tap it and use it.

Robert Moment’s books can be found at and for more information visit

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