FAA goes online with annual fall show

By Page H. Gifford

Normally at this time of the year there would be judging, ribbons, a reception, recognition of the artist’s work, congratulations, and a few sales. But this year, the coronavirus put a damper on the annual Fluvanna Art Association fall show.

In 2019, the former People’s Choice was done away with and replaced with an exhibit, that few artists participated in and that drew low attendance at the reception. The plan for this year was to have a judged show in the spring and fall but neither happened because of the coronavirus.

It was suggested that an online show would be a replacement since other art groups were doing the same and some in combination with live exhibits. But since the FAA members were against gathering for any event even if controlled, the option was to try an online show with a theme.

This years’ theme was a Tribute to Troy Weidenheimer.. Artist, member, and mentor, Weidenheimer died in 2019 but left a legacy that inspired all the artists he taught. Weidenheimer was known for his landscapes, seascapes, figures, portraits, flowers, and trees and for embracing the natural world and its realism.

Webmaster and artist Todd Mathes was instrumental in putting the show together online. Mathes had two pieces in the show and the “Butterfly Feeder,” made out of concrete, a huge leaf with colors of pinks, purples, blues, and greens, would make a beautiful statement in any garden.

All showed exceptional skill and style. One of the original members of the FAA since 1975, Windy Payne, is stronger yet soft and light with her touch and colors in her landscapes. A realist in some aspects of her acrylic paintings, she adds touches of lavender and blue to natural neutral areas like rocks and weeds giving it a pop of gentle color. Barbara Ryan is similar in her approach but uses eye-popping colors instead of the softer tones and pastels that Payne chooses. Ryan emulates Vincent van Gogh with her bright, colorful brush strokes in “Let’s Stay Here Awhile.”

Joanne Braniff’s “Wish For A Fish Pond” is a classic landscape in oil, skillfully executed in the traditional style. It speaks of a quiet natural beauty. Janet Rugari follows the same traditional path with her still life “Wildflowers” in oil.

For the artists who have progressed to the next level, Linda Napier’s “Adirondack Pond,” shows her attention to detail and skillfully blended muted colors and strong contrast. Ande Kirchenheiter’s “The Big Wave,” has an easy flow and the complementary colors add drama to the piece.

“Autumn Wall” surprise viewers with her yellow rose in pen and ink and watercolor. She put herself in the novice category and it was clear her expertly rendered rose should have been in the intermediate category. Artists choose the category they put themselves in based on their experience.

Mary Ann Friedman’s work always shows her signature style. Her impressionistic watercolor flowers fill the framed area up-close and without painstaking detail. It is her skill at color blending that makes her pieces stand-out.

When it comes to birds, Nance Stamper’s “In Her Happy Place,” is a delight and one has a sense that the bird perching in the flowers on the fence is exactly where she wants to be. Tom Ellis’ exquisitely carved bird “Wind” features a tiny bird on a branch bracing itself against the wind. He captures the movement well with the directional flow of the delicate branches.

Only a few artists submitted figures. Jane Prete’s “Connection,” shows her signature style of building ethereal figures out of wispy watercolor brushstrokes. Bill Snow, often known for his landscapes, proves his skill is limitless with his watercolor portrait of “The Poet.” He captures the essence of the poet in the subtly of his features.

To view all the entries online visit https://www.fluvannaart.com/shows/2020-faa-online-show. If interested in contacting any of the artists, go Contact the FAA.

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