Why an equity task force?

By Ruthann Carr

The NAACP worked with administrators throughout the 2020 school year to address issues of equity and inclusion in Fluvanna Public Schools. In the summer, the NAACP called upon the schools to create a task force to draft an equity statement.

After the Oct. 14 board meeting controversy, the Fluvanna Review contacted people involved in the Task Force. Andrew Pullen did not respond.

Here are the responses from those who did:

Statement from Fluvanna NAACP Education Committee:

Members of the NAACP Education Committee were surprised to hear that a member of our school board is unaware of issues of racism in our schools.  We were also surprised that no one from the FCPS administration countered this statement with the facts – facts that we have been working with them for some time to address well-documented racial disparities and racial bias experienced by students in Fluvanna. Had Mr. Pullen attended all of the task force meetings as he volunteered to do, he would have heard additional evidence cited by teachers to indicate the need for the FCPS to adopt this statement.  We hope that the school board demonstrates a commitment to students in Fluvanna and votes to adopt the equity statement and that the FCPS administration commits to the action items that will build a more equitable school community.


Don Stribling, school administration representative

FR: What prompted you to serve on the task force?

“The School Board received a request from the NAACP Education Committee to review and approve an equity statement. I was given the opportunity to create a task force, that included staff and community members, to review and finalize a statement that would be presented to our School Board. I saw this as an excellent time to work with and engage our staff and community on a significant topic in our community but more importantly in our school system.”


FR: What are your thoughts about institutio

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