Allison Monfalcone: First Female in Fluvanna to Earn Eagle Scout Rank

By Page H. Gifford

Since 2019 when girls were allowed to join the Boy Scouts of America and have a chance to earn merit badges and become Eagles Scouts, it was Isabella Tunney from Minnesota who broke all the barriers by becoming the first female Eagle Scout in the nation.

There have been a few females to attain Eagle Scout in Virginia, but one local girl is working toward becoming the first in the Virginia Headwater Council and in Fluvanna.   Eagle Scout is Scouting’s highest award.

Unlike Tunney, who earned badges for welding and scuba diving, Allison Monfalcone of Troop 1154, took up the more traditional project of making 80 fleece tie blankets for Meals on Wheels clients for Christmas.

“I have been sewing since I was in second grade, and I wanted to do something different. I couldn’t do sewing because that would require everyone to own a sewing machine, so I decided to do tie blankets. I picked those because I have some experience with them and I knew they were nice blankets because we have a few from someone in our family,” said Monfalcone.

She makes the tie blankets by cutting out the squares together for the blankets, then she and her helpers cut squares from the corners and cut the flaps to tie, and then tie the blankets.

“However, there was way more work and planning put into it than that.”

For those who strive to become Eagle Scouts, it is often about achieving a goal and Monfalcone said she shares the same aim.

“I have wanted to get Eagle, really, since my brother joined Scouts. To finally get it means I have finished my drive down the long road,” she said. “Getting Eagle means that I have proved to myself and to others that I can be a leader, that I can live to my best, and that I can do things that were once impossible.”

She is expected to officially earn her Eagle Scout rank on Wednesday (Dec. 23) when she will go before the Troop’s  board of review.

Everyone, whether boys or girls, choose a different path to reach their goal. But all share one thing in common, serving the community with their project. Whether it is welding, building fences, carpentry, or sewing, skill matters only in the execution of the project; it is the idea, the planning, the community outreach, and the positive results that influence a community and, gender becomes meaningless.

Monfalcone hopes her example is an inspiration to other girls like herself.

“I hope other girls can learn to be their best selves. I want them to learn to speak out for their opinions and step up to fill gaps. I don’t want them to lean on anyone, but to know when to ask for help. I would like others to know that when you put your mind to something, when you make it your goal, then there is nothing you can’t do.”

Monfalcone said Scouting has been a great experience.

“There were some bumpy parts, however, those don’t outweigh the greater good. Scouting helps you to become a leader because it forces you to step into a position of responsibility. It also teaches you to look at all the things you do and say, “How did I do my best to be my best?” She adds that her project not only challenged her as a leader but also challenged her view of herself. “I had to do things I had never done before. But I loved my project because of how everyone was so excited for the blankets when I brought them to Fluvanna Meals on Wheels.”

This year has been a rough year for many and the spirit of Christmas is needed now more than ever. Monfalcone proves she achieved what she set out to do and make an uncertain time a little brighter for the clients of Meals on Wheels.

 “I just wanted to add that this is the first time every one of their clients will get a gift for Christmas. A lot of these people are forgotten around this time, so I wanted to make sure they knew they were remembered.”

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