Kathy Scott talks about landscape painting

By Page H. Gifford

When viewing Kathy Scott’s landscape paintings, the onlooker is struck by its warmth and tranquility. Her work is a remedy for stress, drawing the viewer into a place of solitude and reflection. It is Scott’s skillful handling of light that enhances her work and gives it that serene feeling.

Her work is easy and impressionistic, giving it that overall calmness. Her strength lies in her color harmony and light, not in tight details which allows the eyes to rest. Her choice of landscapes as her subject features the soul of nature at its best and without painstaking details, the viewer sees what is familiar in the environment and unwinds.

“Landscapes are my favorite subjects to paint and I have found unlimited inspiration in portraying the natural world. Central and Southwest Virginia are among my favorite places to paint or take photos for later reference. Whenever I travel I take loads of photos to refer to later when I get the itch to paint,” she said. “Creating art challenges me and there is always something to try, and try again, until I am satisfied with it. I hope that people who see my art can find something in it that speaks to them.”

Scott brings up a common misconception about art that once something is complete it is finished. For many artists, dissatisfaction plays a central role in the completion of a painting. An artist may end up with two or three variations of the same painting in different forms before the final. A certain angle, lighting, or color can throw off the balance of a subject and the artist is aware that changes need to be made.

Art has been a part of Scott’s life since childhood and credits her parents and teachers for their encouragement. She studied art in college and since then has participated in workshops along with self-study.

“I try to do something every day to connect with art in some way.”

 She works primarily with oils and pastels, though in her early days she worked in colored pencil so she didn’t have to worry about her children getting into the paint.  Oils and pastels work well with her sweeping brush strokes and a smattering of bright color in certain areas for focus. This has become Scott’s signature style.

These days, artists lament they are uninspired with COVID-19.

 “I must admit that the challenges of COVID we are all facing these days makes it hard to be inspired to pick up a brush sometimes,” said Scott.  As a member of the Tuesday Afternoon Painting Ladies at the Lake, she misses the camaraderie and sharing.

 “We keep in touch and encourage each other to find distraction in creating art. It is a blessing to know them and I can’t wait until we can get together for a painting session again.”

Her work has been shown in galleries and venues in northern Virginia, and most recently at Gallery 27 in Scottsville. She will be one of many featured artists in the upcoming Fluvanna Art Association exhibit at the Purcell Gallery at the Louisa Arts Center.

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