Merry COVID Christmas, 2021

By Page H. Gifford

Because of the pandemic, Christmas was isolating and dismal for some last year. This year, many understand there is still a risk with the Delta and Omicron variants but are willing to take that risk if it means being with friends and family.

But COVID still hangs over the holiday season.

Writer Leslie Truex tells the story of her dilemma regarding a lifelong holiday tradition.

“I am so behind myself this year. Last year, my husband and I ordered our Christmas cards and we usually have a family photo but because of COVID, we couldn’t do it. So, we had photos of my son and his girlfriend in New York, my daughter in Caroline County with her cat, my parents in Virginia and in-laws in California, and my husband and I, all wearing masks. I like the card but what do I do with 2020? Friends suggested crossing out the zero and making it a big green 1. I need to get my cards out and if I order them, will they be here on time?”

Woody Cohen lost his wife three years ago, sees his children throughout the year, and so decided to spend it with friends at the Lake.

Others added their thoughts for a pandemic Christmas outlook.

Mo Cahill said, “My wife and I are going to a beach in Florida. Not sure which one yet but we want to avoid all the stress and drama.”

“Things are looking up and I’m not dead,” said Jerry Patchen, who went on to describe his newly built pergola decorated and lit with lights, a star, and a snowman. He is sincerely satisfied with enjoying it by himself. “I also added a dove of peace to the display.” This had important meaning for Patchen at a time when peace is needed and everyone seems to be yearning for it. “But here is what happened to the dove,” he said. “I came out this morning and saw it mutilated, feathers all over the place, my cat just tore it up.”

Peter Holmes shared his Christmas cat story.

“My cat sat staring at the tree and before I knew it all the balls (family heirlooms) disappeared, I couldn’t find them, she hid them. Now she just stares at the lights.” Holmes added he is going to Florida for Christmas.

“I’m getting married on New Year’s so I’m spending the holiday preparing for a wedding,” said Jake Feden. His best man, Nathaniel Kidd, added his thoughts about Christmas. “The value of spending time with family is important, this year is special.”

For Mary Birkholz, president of Caring For Creatures, Christmases have always been about the animals.

“For years now, a good part of my Christmas Day includes work. I find I do more reflecting on the Christmases of my youth and the wonderful memories that will always be in my heart. I feel blessed and grateful for the love of family and how past Christmases were happy times,” she said. “These days, my family consists of a lot of animals and the awesome people who are dedicated to helping them. I’m less caught up in the commercial side of Christmas for years now, but feel the pandemic has forced us to appreciate each moment and be grateful for that moment. To live life more from the heart and be more present perhaps – to get back to the true spirit of Christmas. Wouldn’t it be great if we all could hold on to the spirit of giving, caring, and gratitude and live life that way all year long.”

Like Birkholz, Barbara Carey also sees the deeper spiritual meaning and the changes that the pandemic has brought.

“The pandemic changed everything. You think constantly of what is safe to do and where to go. I am more appreciative and humble because life is so different now. I know who God is and I continue to believe and trust in him. This is a time you may not have the money to give big gifts or as many gifts as in the past. Your love and time to share with others are free and plentiful. Love and time are two precious Christmas gifts that will always be cherished. The greatest Christmas gift is for everyone to be vaccinated so that we all can live safely.”

“A package on the porch is no substitute for hugs and handshakes. Corny but true. Carpe diem in the best sense. Make time and space as often as you can for loved ones. After all, we can’t bend time, can we?” said Warren Groeger. “And, be responsible! Follow the science. Be vaccinated. For those you love.”

Christmas seems to be less about gifts, frantic shopping, partying, stress, and over-commitment and more about expressing the spirit in our hearts and being with those we love even our cats and dogs.

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