Fluvanna Faces: Eric Agee

By Harvey J. Sorum

Tell me a little about your background.

I’m a 17 year culinary veteran and I’m only 31. Started from McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Burger King and worked my way up to being a sorority and fraternity chef, sous chef and then to executive chef manager positions at the University of Virginia. Born and raised in Fluvanna and attended Fluvanna schools.

When did you start Agee’s Catering and why?

I started Agee’s Catering in 2010 after my dad passed away. I started the business for two main reasons. One of which was to do something positive with my life and make my mother proud. The other reason was to fill the need for a late night food establishment in Fluvanna. Something that would be affordable, convenient and would remind you of home.

How did your interest in cooking for others start?

My interest for cooking came from my grandmother Martha Turner. She was known for feeding every guest that came by her house. It was her way of showing love and giving. I share the same passion.

Why did you locate your business in Fluvanna County?

My business is located in Fluvanna because it is my home place and where I want my legacy to be rooted.

Being in the restaurant/food catering business demands long hours of work. Is this true?

Yes, being in food service is very demanding. The hours are even longer when you are the owner operator. You have to love what you do. Nothing fills my heart more than hearing that someone enjoyed the meal, it’s priceless.

Are culinary skills, determination, and grace under fire helpful to the success of your business and if so, why?

Yes, very much so! You have to have a good balance of all attributes to make things work. Some people just don’t have the ability to do all of that at one time. That’s what makes a true food service person so valued.

Do you run your business alone or do you have help especially when you’re catering a large event?

Yes, I run my truck solo. It’s hard to find people/employees that will work the business and show the customers the needed service to be successful. So therefore, it’s sometimes easier just to tough it out yourself. I do have workers for special catering and weddings but none are full time.

Does the Commonwealth of Virginia regulate your business in any way?

Yes, we work hand in hand with the VDH Health Department. We take pride in having a trusted relationship. Our current licenses are good through the end of this year. We are committed to keeping our customers safe and happy.

How have you found the best way of advertising Agee’s Catering?

By word of mouth and social media. Both have been key to my business and getting my services in front of new customers.

Have your growth goals been met?

When I started I had a tent and a table, then worked and bought a small trailer unit. Ten years later I’m proud to say I have a hot dog cart, two food trucks and I’m working on building out a brick and mortar commercial kitchen.

What has been your favorite type of catering – weddings, business gatherings, public events?

I enjoy all aspects of the business but I must say I get a lot of enjoyment out of the food truck. I love interacting with people and building lasting relationships by sharing my passion through food.

Would you agree that the catering business requires a great deal of organization and planning skills, plus a commitment to being on time?

I totally agree. If you get that down pat, you will be really successful in this business!

Anything you’d like to add?

If you are in need of anything food service don’t hesitate to contact us. Big or small we do it all. End to end customizable menus to fit you needs. Please contact us ageecatering101@gmail.com or Agee Snack Bar on FB or IG. Thank you so much for the opportunity and see you at the next event!

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