Fork Union Business Park moving ahead

By Heather Michon

The Fork Union Business Park took one step closer to fruition during the Board of Supervisors meeting on Wednesday night (May 18) – including gaining the formal name of the “Fork Union Business Park.”

The county began developing the commercial park, located behind the Fork Union Community Center and the fire department on Rt. 15, back in 2019. Building off some land already owned by the county, they purchased three more parcels to bring the total size up to approximately 33 acres.

Concept designs for the land show the potential for up to 550,000 square feet of commercial and industrial space. 

The county will construct five developable areas, or pads, within the park that are shovel-ready for businesses who decide to lease space on the site. This will include installing a new road onto the property, along with water, sewer, and electrical supply.

On the agenda at Wednesday’s meeting was a rezoning application to move the three parcels from A-1 (Agricultural) to I-9 (Industrial, Limited) and a permanent name for the property. 

In previous discussions, the supervisors decided to exclude some categories usually allowed in I-9 zoned developments: car washes, manufactured home sales, shooting ranges, commercial amusements, and solid waste collection will not be permitted in the development.

With those amendments, the motion to rezone passed 5-0.

Three names were proposed for the site, including the Fork Union Commerce Park, the Fork Union Industrial Park, and the Fork Union Business Park. 

Supervisors selected the Fork Union Business Park as the most widely marketable name for the types of businesses they hope to attract. This motion also passed unanimously.


Supervisors also voted to approve VDOT’s Six-Year Plan, a document that periodically comes before the board outlining VDOT’s projects within Fluvanna County. 

Chair Mike Sheridan told VDOT Residency Administrator Scott Thornton that he had been receiving multiple calls about the repaving program on Rt. 15 that has been leading to some long wait times between the Village of Palmyra and Zion Crossroads. 

Thornton said this was not a repaving project, but rather the application of a sealing product designed to extend the longevity of the asphalt. He added no further details on how soon the project will be completed.

Supervisors also voted on a new sign for the Village of Palmyra and allocated up to $2,000 for its construction and installation.

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