Laker Matt Kolczynski has a story worth sharing

Contributed by Judy Fish

Eagle Scout Matt Kolczynski, now 20, operated his own landscaping company—Kolczynski Outdoor Services—while working at the Lake Monticello Marina and attending classes at Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC). 

That hard work paid off. 

When Kolczynski starts classes Aug. 23 at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce on a full academic scholarship (the Piedmont Scholarship), he will be the first in his immediate family to graduate from college. 

While he works toward a Bachelor of Science degree in commerce, Matt said he will continue working at the Lake Monticello Marina and running his landscape company. 

“I want to help people in some way,” Kolczynski said when asked what he will choose as a profession after college. “I figure I might have 80 to 90 years on the Earth to have a positive impact on as many lives as possible. I don’t want to intentionally make my life or anyone else’s life harder.”

 Kolczynski, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 6, said he used to dream of being a firefighter or paramedic like his dad. At age 16, he said he began volunteering at the Lake Monticello Fire Department. He said he stopped during COVID and only recently resigned because he “was way too busy and something had to give.” 

Being raised as an only child by his parents and grandparents might help explain his work ethic and can-do attitude. (Matt does have a half-brother to whom, he said, he is close.) 

Kolczynski said his landscape business started when his parents wanted him to get out and do something. “My dad wanted me to get a job and I did,” Matt said, adding that he got his first lawn cutting job at age 13 through a contact from Boy Scouts. 

“I used to push the lawn mower down the street to cut my customers’ lawns,” Kolczynski laughed, adding that his parents and grandparents would help drive him to the houses that were too far away. 

“I enjoy the business—I love being outside and the business started taking off, so I turned it into an LLC, got insurance and became official.” Matt said he has had some employees and his grandfather, Laker Mike Carey, also helps him on jobs. 

While he loves what he does, Matt is not all work. He also plays three instruments—drums, bass and guitar and is a voracious reader, “but I am a normal guy too,” he said with a laugh. “I play video games.” 

Even his “how-I-met-my-girlfriend story” is sweet. When classes were online, she caught his eye on a ZOOM business class. “I went for it and asked if she would like to go out,” he said, with a sly smile. “I figured, if she said ‘yes,’ that would be good and if she said ‘no,’ I would never have to see her again.” The two are still dating. 

Despite a full schedule and a girlfriend, Matt makes time for his grandfather.

 “My grandfather has had a huge impact on my life,” Matt said of Carey, who is also his co-worker at the Marina. Carey has worked for the Marina for 14 years and has lived with Matt nearly his entire life. 

“He and I are very, very close,” Carey said, explaining that they shared two-family homes in New York and Lake Monticello. “There’s almost never been a day that I haven’t been near Matt. He is my buddy.” 

Carey does not miss an opportunity to praise his grandson, but is especially proud that he completed his Eagle Scout project at 14 by organizing volunteers to help him install 525 feet of fencing around the dog park at Pleasant Grove. 

“Matt organized like six or seven kids and some old men,” Carey said of the Eagle project. “He ran the whole crew. He has always liked being the leader. That’s why starting his own business was natural.” 

Carey said Kolczynski has a great attitude about people— “always compassionate and respectful.” Carey said Matt has cut the lawn of some elderly customers and not charged them or charged them very little. 

Carey, who at 78 still likes helping his grandson on landscape jobs, has told his wife that “if I die while pushing a mower and helping Matt, I died a happy man—exactly where I want to be. I am the happiest grandfather in the world.”

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