Fluvanna Faces: Dorothy Fox, owner Thrifty Fox Thrift Store

By Harvey. J Sorum

What you did prior to recently opening your Thrifty Fox Thrift Store.

I worked at a wonderful Emergency Animal Hospital in Charlottesville for six years. Leon (her husband) is a stay at home person. We have two children that are ours and two adopted. 

Why did you locate in Fluvanna County’s Fork Union area?

We were told by our landlords that Fork Union had some of the nicest people.

Describe the variety of unique products you sell.

We sell beautiful antique furniture, vintage furniture, lots of vintage and unique household items and treasures. We also have kids’ toys, household appliances, adult and children’s clothes, shoes, and lots of tools.

Do you offer items like flowers, plants, and vegetables in addition to hard goods?

We offer beautiful flowers, vegetables, plants, fresh home-grown veggies and fresh eggs.

Where do you purchase the goods you sell?

Most of our inventory we buy at auctions, estate sales, and storage units. We get some donations from our wonderful customers also.

I was told nearly all your products look like new. Is this one of your drawing cards for business?

We try to keep everything clean. If it’s cracked or damaged, we throw it away.

Are you finding that current customers are referring their friends and family to visit your shop?

We have new customers every day. A lot of our new customers didn’t know we were here. Our regular customers are always telling family and friends we are here. We appreciate all our customers. 

With your turnover of products, do you find customers visit your store often to see what’s new?

Yes, we try to bring in different inventory every week.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve sold so far?

I would have to say the antique wooden potty chair.

Because today’s economy is in an inflationary period, do you find this benefits your business?

I think it has. It helps the people who are on fixed income. We always work deals with our customers to help them out.

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