Fluvana SPCA builds new meet and greet area

By Page H. Gifford

Because of many volunteers and donors, the Fluvanna SPCA has been able to move forward with projects to make experiences better for volunteers, potential adopters, and dogs. 

Currently under construction is a new meet and greet area. FSPCA Shelter Manager Jessy Payne said more space was needed to allow their dogs to meet other dogs and people without the distractions of everything else going on around them. 

They opted for privacy fencing to help with that and are waiting for the AstroTurf to complete the project.

“This will allow our dogs the freedom to go off leash and help with enrichment while giving potential adopters the ability to properly meet them instead of just on a leash,” said Payne.

Measures have been taken to provide a safe and comfortable environment for both the dogs and the visitors in the new area including tall privacy fencing to prevent dogs from escaping  and a staff member present to prevent any dog fights that may occur.

It won’t be just an area to meet and greet as there will be opportunities for potential adopters to spend extended time or engage in activities with the dogs, such as walking or playing.

“Once we have someone inquire to meet a dog we will offer the opportunity to use the meet and greet area,” said Payne. As with any animal interaction, there are always specific guidelines and protocols that need to be followed.

“We want everyone to have a positive experience while using the meet and greet area,” said Payne. “We ask that any persons involved allow our staff to direct dog-to-dog interactions and not to allow their dogs off leash until we give the go-ahead. Keeping the gate closed while the dogs are off leash is most important to prevent escape.”

Payne asks that anyone interested call the shelter to schedule those meets with their current dogs. People who are interested in meeting without another dog can do so the same day as long as it is not already occupied.

For more information about adoptions, contact Fluvanna SPCA at 434-591-0123.

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