Fluvanna Faces: Tammy and John Ashcraft

By Harvey J. Sorum

Tammy and John, are you natives of Fluvanna County? 

John:  I am not from Fluvanna originally, though I did graduate from Fork Union Military Academy.  I was born in West Virginia and then lived in many places – Gettysburg, PA, Waldorf, MD, Richmond, VA., Jacksonville, NC, Fargo, ND, New Orleans, LA, and Cairo, Egypt, just to name a few places I have lived.

Tammy:  I was born in Richmond but lived in 29 different states due to my father being in the military and a truck driver.  I have been in Fluvanna County for 30 years.  Both of my daughters went to Fluvanna schools.

Tell us a little about each of you.

John: Tammy and I met right here in Fluvanna County.  I was asked to go out to one of the larger farms to look at some issues they were having.  When I arrived, I was told that I needed to see the farm manager, Tammy, to discuss their issues.  I then saw a beautiful woman in dark sunglasses, jeans and well-worn cowboy boots behind the steering wheel of a large tractor.  I asked if she was Tammy.  She jumped down and said, “Yes but you have me at a disadvantage.  What is your name?”  She was strong, direct and did I mention, beautiful?  hehe.  I had never, in over 20 years in the industry dated a customer as I thought it was unprofessional.  Long story made shorter, after doing work for the farm on a couple of occasions, the topic of going out together came up.  I told her of my reservations and she said, “Well the farm is your customer.  I am not.  That was all it took.

Any additions to the family after marriage?

We came together as a mixed family.  While we had no children of our own, we do have a 5-year-old grandson.

Why did you decide to start a termite and insect business?

John: I got into pest control as a short term gig (I am now in my 32nd year) when I got out of the Marine Corps in 1991, I started my first pest control company in 2002.  We started Ashcraft Termite and Pest Management in 2016 so that we could begin to change the landscape of pest control here in Central Virginia for the better, treating our clients like neighbors and friends, not just numbers on a spreadsheet!

So Ashcraft Termite and Pest Company is a veteran-owned and official V-3 certified company?

John: We are V-3-certified.  In fact, we’re the only pest control company in Virginia that is currently V3 Certified.  I went to Fort Gregg-Adams on Feb. 28 as one of the speakers to talk to the Army National Guard soldiers  getting out of the service about how to transition to civilian life and starting their own business.  As a matter of fact, the two individuals that work with us were both born in Fluvanna and both of them are Army vets!

Has Fluvanna County been good for your business?

We absolutely love Fluvanna County.  I have been in my home here in Fluvanna since 1998 and I’m not going anywhere.

How can our readers learn more about your company?

Folks can learn more about us at our Facebook page or our website, Ashcrafttermitepest.com.

Do you have any favorite books or movies?

John:  My favorite books are the Robert Jordan, “Wheel of Time” series.  I first began reading the series in the desert in 1991.  He only had three books out at the time.  My favorite movie is “Kung Fu Panda,” believe it or not.

Do you want to add anything I’ve missed?

We are very, very connected to the land.  We do what we do in order to protect health, home, and property.  Our goal at Ashcraft Termite and Pest is to have a symbiotic existence/relationship between the properties we are entrusted to protect and the environment that surrounds them.

Any regrets?

No regrets!  Regrets, by definition, are negative, in the past and cannot be changed.  Instead, we focus on the future and positivity.

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