About the coalition

The primary mission of the coalition is to unite the community by leadership and advocacy. The coalition priorities include focusing on communications and networking, promoting new business opportunities, and driving sustainable economic growth while expanding market reach and share for the overall benefit of the community of Fluvanna County. The coalition would identify and understand the barriers to business growth.

The coalition would be comprised of volunteers from the county’s business community, who lend time, resources and knowledge to address key issues of interest to the community as a whole, primarily focusing on at least two present major business related topics such as:

Education: The Fluvanna Business Council would work with Fluvanna

County Public Schools and other education based institutions on business-education initiatives and business engagement including an adult mentoring program and connecting business community to foster meaningful business/education partnerships.

Workforce development: The Fluvanna Business Council would focus on promoting Fluvanna County and its business community to the region’s workforce and supporting economic development as critical to the county’s economic vitality.

The coalition benefits are: (a) equips the community with greater strength and direction to leverage our collective voices in an organized manner, (b) presents a positive image and fresh new outlook, (c) establishes a common voice that works toward a unified community, (d) grants an organized structure that speaks for its members to bring ideas, challenges, and dialogue to the forefront, (e) better branding of Fluvanna as a travel destination and (f) instill pride back in our business community.

Contact me to start a Fluvanna Business Coalition: rmayfield@tenaska.com.

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