Surveys skewed

The survey constructed by Fluvanna United was really poorly worded; I laughed most of the way through the survey as it was obvious that the person who constructed the survey wanted the survey to show the results they wanted. On the other hand the survey constructed by Focus on Fluvanna’s Future was good but it was executed poorly. This survey was answered by people who were in the loop of a particular social network. While it may have had respondents from all electoral districts, the entire community was not asked to respond, just one segment of the population. So I believe that the results from that survey also are skewed in favor of the group conducting the survey. It would be great to have the survey constructed by Focus on Fluvanna’s Future redone, but this time advertised to the whole community. I think it would be interesting to find out what the larger community thinks about these issues in a more unbiased way.

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