Another Booker critic

If Ms. Booker has knowledge and evidence of any supervisors conducting illegal or unethical meetings regarding the budget, she should present such evidence to the Commonwealth attorney for appropriate legal action. The one area where we may appropriately compare the UVa. BOV and the Fluvanna supervisors would be in the common appearance of a conflict of interest by UVa. Rector Helen Dragas and Supervisor Booker. I, for one, would be glad to hear directly from Ms. Booker as to why her employment by the school district should not demand that she recuse herself from any board debate and voting where school financing is under consideration.

Although Ms. Booker accuses her fellow board members of micro-managing the school district budget, she omits the fact that it is not possible for the board to target any specific jobs, programs or district employee benefits. The board merely provides the district with a dollar amount and spending recommendations. The school superintendent, in consultation with the school board, is free to allocate funds in any way deemed appropriate for meeting the educational needs of the county’s student population.

Finally, Ms. Booker’s assertion that the cuts made to county donations to private, non-profit organizations fails to put “our people” first is a red herring. As has been the case since before the founding of our nation and our community, private charitable organizations meeting community needs through the generous philanthropy of private donors will continue without government assistance, guidance or intervention.

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