JABA funding sliced

JABA’s CEO Gordon Walker, board member Mozell Booker and I met with the Fluvanna center members and staff to discuss this news. We were humbled by the strength and determination shown by the members and staff as they brainstormed and provided input on how awareness can be spread and donations requested for a second day at the center. All the members were committed to playing a part, and it was great to see their enthusiasm and energy as we discussed options and ways to take action in the community.

The needs of our older adult population are not going to fade even as we face tough economic times. As services are stripped away, the needs will become even greater and community support even more critical as we continue to make these services and opportunities available for those who need them most.

Fluvanna has shown incredible strength and perseverance over these past few months, and I am confident this will continue. Our goal is to take this as an opportunity to educate, advocate and display what JABA does for the entire Fluvanna community as we work to seek support for this important program. We welcome the community’s ideas and involvement. I invite anyone with questions regarding this program and ways to support JABA services in Fluvanna to contact me, Emily Daidone at 434-817-5249.

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