Sour grapes?

The board has no control over the school staff, only the superintendant and school board have that authority. The reassessments will equalize the tax rates upward to hinder economic development in the near term, possibility the next 5 to 15 years according to the experts. Anyone I know would welcome economic development to ease the burden on taxpayers if that were the case. The fact is Zion Crossroads four corners are in Louisa County and not Fluvanna as people believe. The intended water and sewer in that area would benefit Aqua, developers, Louisa County and special interest groups in high density housing and perhaps some commercial development. Not enough to have any impact on our taxpayers except to require more services, more students that would put more burden on taxpayers, not less.

We the people should have a say in what we want and are willing to pay for. Ask the people in Fluvanna, Troy and the Zion area if we have the need and not the people who stand to profit on gambling with taxpayers money. We take all the risk with very little reward, if any. There have been many examples of failed projects around Virginia and other states during good economic times which we have not have for four or five years. If we get moving as suggested, we will be headed in the wrong direction.

We cannot dig out of a hole with deficit spending to prosperity. Those who do not pay attention to history and past failures are doomed to repeat them. My opinion is not put the cart before the horse and let anyone willing to come invest their money and not ask us to fund anything until a true return on investment starts hitting the county`s bank account.

Families, save your money for that $8 million a year debt service we will owe until infinity. We have that new high school and now have to pay, how`s that working for you?

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