The inequity of employee health care costs

During subsequent board meetings we heard from numerous teachers and staff about the economic hardships caused by these actions and their inability to afford the increased portion of the health care costs that would now be required of them.

Recently the school board has solicited new proposals for the districts health care package and has been able to lower the total cost of the available plans, but the required employee portions are still unreasonable and significantly higher than those paid by Fluvanna County employees and members of the Board of Supervisors who participate in similar county provided health plans. A county employee pays $3,421 per year for employee and spouse coverage while a school district employee must pay $8,464 for employee and spouse. (A difference of $5,042 per year). It is also interesting to note that the school district pays $5,276.76 per year for each family plan while the county pays $12,176.28 per year for each of its family plans.

The accompanying chart compares the costs for similar health care plans for the county and the school district. It demonstrates the gross inequity of employee costs and the need for additional funds to be applied to the school district health care budget line to bring the employee costs in line with employee costs under the county plan.

School district employees must not be treated as second class employees when compared to county workers and members of the Board of Supervisors who participate in the county health plans.

I am concerned that our school district will lose some of our best administrators, teachers and staff who will find employment in other districts that provide a significantly better employee benefits package. We are already experiencing this loss of teachers and staff and can expect it to continue over the next few years. The loss of experienced administrators, teachers and staff will negatively impact our students and result in diminished student outcomes.

I urge the superintendent of schools, the Board of Education and the Board of Supervisors to work together to solve this problem before we lose anymore of our highly qualified teachers, administrators and staff. If the necessary funds cannot be found within the school budget then the Fluvanna Board of Supervisors should allocate additional funds to the school district.

Employee cost of health care coverage for school employees should be made the same as that paid by county workers and those members of the Board of Supervisors who have elected to take advantage of the Fluvanna County health care policy.

It is time to work together and resolve this situation before it is too late!

Comparison of similar health care plans for Fluvanna County employees and Fluvanna school district employees
Fluvanna County school district

Coventry 500 PPO Total cost per month School district cost per month/year Employee cost per month % of cost paid by employee
Employee only $476.51 $439.73/$5,276.76 $36.78 7.7%
Employee and child $757.17 $439.73/$5,276.76 $317.44 41.9%
Employee and spouse $1145.11 $439.73/$5,276.76 $705.38 61.6%
Family $1,264.85 $439.73/$5,276.76 $825.12 65.2%
Fluvanna County

KA 500 Total cost per month County cost
per month/year
Employee cost per month % of cost paid by employee
Employee only $570 $512.09/6,145.08 $57.91 10.1%
Employee and one $1,055 $769.85/9,238.20 $285.15 27%
Family $1,539 $1,014.69/12,176.28 $524.31 34%
Employee cost comparison

Fluvanna County employee cost per month/year School district employee cost per month Cost difference
per year
Employee only $57.91/$694.92 $36.78/$441.36 ($253.56)
Employee and child $285.15/$3421.80 $317.44/$3809.28 $387.48
Employee and spouse $285.15/$3421.80 $705.38/$8464.56 $5,042.76
Family $524.31/$6,291.72 $825.12/$9901.44 $3,609.72

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