Water issues

The illogical assumption of the return on investment in the urban development areas  at Zion Crossroads does not make any sense over that 10-year window. Let me get this straight (disregard the projection on current revenue): we pay $10.5 million for Aqua to build and own the water line and sewer. Fluvanna County is responsible to secure right-of-ways, customers and basically in the water business at what cost to taxpayers above the original cost to Aqua? The county will have to raise taxes once again to cover this additional debt.

Follow this example: $10.5 million paid resulting in a positive revenue of $9.7 million. The revenue stream from Zion Crossroads would have to be $20.2 million over 10 years to get that gain. Where’s the revenue coming from? It’s not only illogical but impossible.  Numbers can be manipulated to arrive at any figure that makes a project look good.  Past mistakes in this and other states have been ignored or denied as important. Taxpayers have suffered not the governments.

I hope our Board of Supervisors has the good sense to explore other options and do not rush to decisions.

We taxpayers demand a referendum on any choice, it’s our money.

This Aqua letter-of-intent is a horrible deal for taxpayers in Fluvanna County and especially a double whammy for Lake Monticello residents who are held captive by Aqua. Aqua is raising rates again and will continue to do so without regard for its current customers. Future expansion of existing plants will be paid for by current customers not new ones. The sewer system from Zion Crossroads to the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women is another issue. The James River Water Authority consideration is more expensive and unaffordable.

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