Disregarding the Constitution

This president is currently being held in contempt of court because he ignored a court order which declared his moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico to be unconstitutional. He ignores Congress and violates the Constitution by issuing Executive Orders, one which declares amnesty for illegal immigrants and one which removes the work requirement in the Welfare Act. The president may not change the law with an Executive Order. He is forcing Christians to pay our tax dollars to federally fund abortions and contraceptives. He bailed out the GM union with our tax dollars, which will never be repaid. Allowing GM to declare bankruptcy would not only have saved the company and restructured it, but it would have saved taxpayers billions of hard-earned dollars.

This president’s policies are crushing the middle class, causing drastic increases in food prices, gas prices (blocking the keystone pipeline), utility prices, and destroying the value of our homes. Foreclosures are setting all-time records. Unemployment (43 months over 8%) is the worst in U.S. history; 23 million Americans are unemployed or under employed; and the president has presented no workable plan for jobs and growth. Median household income has decreased by $4,000/year under his reign. His policies attack the oil industry, coal industry, the banking industry and small business by regulating them through the EPA. Many coal companies are closing their doors. The national debt is over a stunning 16 trillion dollars.

In foreign policy his disrespect for Britain (sending the Churchill bust back to England) is only one example of his clear disdain for our allies (Israel included). His foreign policy has made the U.S. a laughing stock worldwide. His refusal to support the Iranian youth uprising and his support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt demonstrate his disregard for women’s rights and a fondness for Islamic tyranny. His worldwide tour, where he apologized for my country and bowed before numerous dictators, is a total embarrassment for all patriotic Americans. He seems to have no respect for the office of the president, and little concern for our well being.

None of this (and there is more) has anything to do with the color of his skin. These are the results of his policies. No disrespect or insult is intended.

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