Federal money

Usually people express belief in this notion by just voting for politicians who promise programs and benefits that they want. But last week, Katy Clossen expressed this belief in black and white. Ms. Clossen’s view of the world is that President Obama and members of Congress send money to Fluvanna County. For this, she is very thankful. Oh, if only the Lords of Washington DC could just please send more money, Ms. Clossen would be even more thankful. Why don’t they? I know. The evil Republicans are stopping a second ARRA.

When Ms. Clossen’s sees this money that Fluvanna County receives from heaven, er… from Washington DC, doesn’t she realize they are merely sending our money back to us (or borrowing from future generations). How can she not? And, finally, the fact that Ms. Clossen expresses thanks to politicians for doing this just baffles my mind. Unless, of course, she really believes this is money from heaven and is thankful to Democrats for fighting off those evil Republicans.

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