Impact on schools

The largest single impact was on our local public schools. The Fluvanna public school system received a total of $3.4 million in funding directly from the ARRA. This money was essential in keeping experienced teachers and staff on board and our relatively low student-teacher ratio in place in a period when tax revenues were declining due to foreclosures and high unemployment.

In March 2009, the ARRA made possible the distribution of school bond savings through refinancing to 31 Virginia jurisdictions. Fluvanna recouped $9,520 in interest savings on its school bonds. The county was also able to refinance $5,420,000 in existing school bonds through the Virginia Public School Authority as part of the 2009 Obama federal stimulus program taking these bonds down to a zero percent interest rate. This action saved Fluvanna another approximately $1 million in interest. The balance on those bonds is now $2,704,077.

In early 2009 Fluvanna County staff put together an excellent application for funding the construction of a new Fork Union replacement fire station. The Federal Emergency Management Agency subsequently approved the grant request and provided a total of $1.451 million for the project. This grant provided approximately 80% of the total planning and construction costs for the Fork Union station. Construction is now beginning so the stimulus package is still at work in Fluvanna. In addition, this grant from the federal government made it possible to design and build a state-of-the-art fire station at Kents Store.

It can be said with certainty that there would have been no new Fork Union Fire Station without this infusion of money from the ARRA. So the total Fluvanna County received in funding from the Obama stimulus package was: $3.4 million for Fluvanna’s schools; $1 million in saved interest on school bonds; $9,520 in bond savings; and finally $1.451 million for the Fork Union fire station. The total received by Fluvanna is therefore $5,860,520. Fluvanna put these funds to good use. Thank you President Obama and the members of Congress who supported his stimulus package.

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