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College is less affordable, not more, and throwing Pell Grant money at colleges does nothing to encourage them to hold down costs (note the continued tuition increases during the recession…no belt tightening, just complaints about reduced state funding).

Out-of-control college tuition hikes are decimating middle class savings and putting middle class children under huge amounts of debt. President Obama would like us to give him credit for using our tax dollars (I pay federal income tax) to fund somebody else’s college education while I watch my savings dwindle away and my kids go into debt. That’s obscene.

President Obama also tried to kill the D.C. Charter School Program…twice. Minority students from these schools pleaded with President Obama for continued funding, but were denied in 2009. It only exists today because of the Republican sponsored SOAR Act and in fact funding was not in President Obama’s latest budget proposal. The reason has nothing to do with performance and everything to do with President Obama’s obligation to the National Education Association. Finally, isn’t it ironic that Mrs. Boyd urges a vote for President Obama and more federal education dollars while praising the waivers of NCLBA, a Federal Program? Talk about trying to have it both ways.

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