No intervention

Creating economic growth with deficit spending might work for a little while but sooner or later the party has to end. Any thing that exposes this type of economic growth will force people into admitting something they don`t want to admit. It does not work. The sales tax revenue report for three and a half years for Louisa`s entire county including Zion should prove this. The longer we ignore the real problem, the worse it`s going to be. It`s like running off a cliff, as long as you continue running looking up you are okay, but sooner or later we all have to look down. We do not know how deep this recession crisis will penetrate or how long it will last. If we are lucky, it will only last up to five years. The decline is not over yet, it could go on indefinitely. We need to simply let the economy rebound on its own without government intervention as it has many times before. This seems to be the best solution.

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