The country store

Did you know they lived here for a year before they considered opening a store? Janice and Bob were already active in the community when they saw a need and acted on it. Her vision was to have a place where people felt comfortable to sit and chat. Ah, the ice cream, well, there was a reason to come and meet a friend. You would tell Bob “Just a small scoop please,” and there was enough in your bowl to share with a friend! I am spoiled.

This little store was warm and friendly. You always got a smile and if you had been there more than once, a hug was sure to follow. Bulk products were ordered for customers at their request. It was so nice to be able to run in and grab some cinnamon or pickled beets. Janice even had a whole shelf for the gluten-free folks. Oh how I will miss those specialty items.
I could never leave the store unless I browsed the local artists’ tables and enjoyed their crafts. One woman was lamenting “I finally found a place to sell my crafts, and now I will have to pay $50 a month”. Yes, they helped keep the money in Fluvanna.

Let’s not forget the many groups that met there and were not charged for taking up space. There were several knitting groups. You could have guitar lessons or come and dance in the aisle during the monthly bluegrass jam sessions. The gluten-free group had “tastings” which were more like a meal.

Yes, we took you for granted and now we want to say ‘Thank You’ for the last four years. Thank goodness they aren’t leaving Fluvanna and more than likely will get involved in some other community effort. I wish them well and look forward to seeing them looking relaxed and enjoying their retirement.

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