Vote Obama

President Obama’s administration has already granted waivers to 19 states from the No Child Left Behind Act provided they will prepare children for college and careers, set new targets for improving achievements among all students, reward the best performing schools and focus help on the ones doing the worst.

Race to the Top program funds benefited 22 million students. This school reform plan encourages and rewards states for improving high school graduation rates and college prep.

Under President Obama, 3.7 million students can attend college thanks to Pell Grant Aid. Student loan repayment is income based and is capped at 10% of monthly income. President Obama pushed Congress to stop student loan interest from doubling on July 1. The American Opportunity Tax Credit can now save $10,000 for up to four years in college.

When states have budget shortfalls, why is education the sacrificial lamb with teachers and other school staff members laid off and class numbers enlarged as happened in Massachusetts?
President Obama believes that investing in education is critical in growing the middle class to build a strong and lasting economy. A vote for Obama is a vote for educaton.

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