Different philosophies

“We the People” is how our founding fathers began our Constitution, which put us in control. We are individually responsible for our success and maintaining our liberty and freedoms. They believed that our rights are given us by our creator not controlled by our government. Progressives are happy to take charge of our welfare, our retirement and our health care, after all they know what is best for us. As government grows and becomes more powerful, our rights and powers diminish. Progressives will give you enough to survive and at the same time demonize wealth. In this way the federal government enslaves the will to achieve, the self determination and the self reliance of all Americans. By offering to provide for single mothers and their children only if there is not a man in the house, even our family structure is destroyed. I shudder to think what Obama and the progressives will do if we give them four more years!

No, I do not think Obama has failed, I think he has succeeded at his undisclosed goals. A frequent tactic, of the Obama/Biden campaign has been to accuse their opponents of the very thing they are guilty of. Did Biden let a truth slip when he suggested to an audience that the Republicans wanted to put them in shackles? It is Obama/Biden and the progressives who want to put us all in shackles! They believe us fooled. They have underestimated us. Is Obama a promoter of “all mankind.” Absolutely not. Romney and the principles of our founding fathers will get us all back on track toward the American dream.

(Watch the documentary “Runaway Slave”).

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