Do your homework

Martin Luther King, Jr. battled hate and division, dreaming of equal opportunity and value determined not by color but by character. Hate divides with resulting conflict and war. Leaders don’t poll for consensus but mold consensus based on strong core values. Wealth, health and prosperity are not finite values. One man/nation does not have to fall so another can rise, all can rise up together. Handouts to man/nation result in dependency and stagnation, while giving tools for success result in lifelong prosperity. Presidents should display a pride in the country, be trustworthy, and have a strong moral purpose. Character is determined more by action than words so research: past accomplishments personal and professional, who do they admire and count as close friends/associates?

My homework done. I say thank you President Obama for opening my eyes, to my neglect of my country. I do not want to move “forward” Mr. President toward your planned mediocre socialist state but, back toward the ideal great country envisioned by our founding fathers. Yes back to the future of liberty, prosperity, and the American dream for all people. During my long lifetime I have never been more excited about voting. The Romney/Ryan ticket epitomizes the right people at the right time, for this critical crossroad. They do what they say, have a history of fixing things and are not afraid to make difficult decisions while respecting everyone in the process. Let’s give them the chance!

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