Other guy is devious

How misguided I’ve been. After all, I’m simply a mechanic and far from wealthy. Yet, to think without this warning I may have voted for these two scoundrels. This nation of ours has a split electorate, yet all the evidence exposing the true character of our candidates is right here on just two properties in Fluvanna County, Virginia. Hopefully, no large tracts of land contain Obama/Biden signs. Who could we vote for then…Gary Johnson? Never mind that, I was just informed that a wealthy family in rural Vermont has a Gray Johnson sign on their property. He’s obviously in the tank too.


I know without question this gentleman also wrote a similar piece prior to the 2008 election exposing some of the top donors of the Obama/Biden ticket, such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup. And if I remember correctly, President Obama was the largest recipient ever of BP Oil PAC money in the 2008 race. So by hand-picking those particular donors, I have just proven undeniably that President Obama works only for the financial and energy sectors.

However, maybe it’s only devious when the donors are giving to candidates that we don’t support.

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