Students first

A four day school week does not put the students’ needs first. You already have children as young as four riding school buses up to two hours each way. You have many high school athletes who are actively being recruited by colleges for spring sports. You may have many leave if this decision stands further reducing your state funding.

There are many excellent teachers in our system. There are a few who are frankly terrible teachers who have chosen the wrong profession or have burned out. This is a golden opportunity to improve the overall quality of the staff by letting these teachers go. This is also a time to reduce administration to show the quality teachers you care more about the students than running a huge government bureaucracy.

As for the guilt of firing people. Remember – anyone who is riffed is eligible for unemployment benefits. I am fairly sure for a period of up to two years. Once the economy starts to turn around these people can be hired back. While they are on unemployment they can volunteer time or get more training to be better at their jobs. They will land on their feet. The students however, are stuck. Please don’t deny them the traditional five day school week.

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