Uranium mining

Mining for uranium creates a giant hole in the ground. Once uranium is exposed to water, such as rainfall, it releases a gas that will be around for a thousand years. That is why, so far, in our country uranium mining is only allowed in the desert where there is minimal rainfall. Virginia has experienced some of the highest rainfall ever recorded in North America, and therefore would be one of the worst places for uranium mining.

Uranium mining would pollute the air we breathe and our groundwater with toxic gases and radioactive material. It would ruin farming for at least a 100 mile radius. It would be an economic disaster. Virginia would gain nothing from uranium mining, but foreign uranium mining companies would make a large profit, while we would be left with the waste to cope with.

How does this pertain to the election? Congressman Hurt’s family owns stock in a foreign uranium company that wants to mine in Virginia, and would stand to make a lot of money. Congressman Hurt voted for an amendment to the U. S. Farm bill that would prohibit the EPA from regulating gases from uranium mining. While the amendment failed, it means it would have been easier for the uranium companies to acquire a permit once they convinced Virginia to lift the ban, which they are trying to do. There would have been no federal protection against untold amounts of toxic gases being spewed into our air and water.

In contrast, when General Douglass was stationed in Europe he saw first-hand uranium mining in East Germany, and saw the damage and economic disaster it caused.

It’s very simple – a vote for Robert Hurt is a vote for uranium mining. A vote for General Douglass is a vote against uranium mining. The uranium strip runs through Orange and Madison counties, not that far from us. You decide.

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