Vote Obama

Some experts have suggested that our competitive consumption of fossil fuels will put in place an irreversible release of CO2 in many forms: oil under the sea (deep sea drilling), coal veins in our mountains (which we simply remove) and natural gas fields beneath our feet (the tens-of-thousands of wells known as “fracking”). In his recent article, “The Reckoning,” author Bill McKibben has labeled this dilemma “global warming’s terrifying new math.”

On his visit to Charlottesville President Obama referred to global warming as a problem the United States must face. Romney, on the other hand, has stated “You can’t drive with a wind mill on your car.” Here’s my question for Governor Romney, “Compared to the idea of dragging an oil well and refinery off your trailer hitch, isn’t strapping a wind turbine on your front hood actually more doable?”

President Obama sees the necessity of sustainable energy and has pushed Congress to extend a production tax credit for wind energy companies and the 75,000 jobs that go with them saying, “These are good jobs. And they’re a source of pride that we need to fight for.”

If you want to put a dinosaur in the White House, vote for Romney. If you think we should face the facts and move forward, vote for President Obama.

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