Why trust them?

They did nothing to help fix the economy — nothing. Their main concern was to make sure the president would not get credit for anything and make him a one term president. We even lost our credit rating because either the president agreed with them or they would not bend. So now they want us to believe that they will fix everything. Do they think the American people are blind and stupid? Why should we trust them? Everyone knows that if you got into debt in five years, it would take at least ten years to get out. Former President Bill Clinton was right when he said no one could have fixed the economy in four years not even Mitt Romney. That’s the rule my parents taught me. The economy will rebound, maybe slower than it could have had the right wing House worked with the president. But make no mistake, it will rebound. But what will not rebound if we elect Romney/Ryan is their plan to abolish a women’s right to choose. Are you willing to give that up? Are you willing to give up your right to take birth control measure? Are you willing to give up the right to have free screenings for breast cancer or gynecological cancers? What is the difference between their plans and the one child law in China. It’s just the reverse. The number of abortions is diminishing. That is a fact. The fact also remains that if an abortion is chosen it is done safely and in a medical facility. No woman or girl needs to die from self-abortion. If you are willing to give up these things you might as well as give up your right to vote. That might be next on their agenda. I realize many on the right wing think they have scored big because of the president’s poor performance at the debate. I will wait to see what happens at the next debate. I firmly believe that Romney/Ryan will say anything to get elected and once elected will drop the middle class and women like hotcakes just as the right wing did in 2010. I wish I could take back my vote. You can fool me once but you cannot fool me twice. My vote goes to the current administration.

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