They are now being hit with an additional 2% decrease in pay beginning in January due to four more furlough days. Because this 2% is being enacted in January and will have to be spread over the course of six pay periods instead of twelve, staff’s take home pay will be 4% less than they’re taking home now. (Keep in mind this is on top of the 1.5% we’ve already incurred) 

In an effort to express my concern to the supervisors I emailed them all. With the news that the county will be refinancing some debt and will realize a savings, I suggested that some of that money be given to the schools this year to negate some of these extra furlough days. Mr. (Bob) Ullenbruch responded by saying, among other things, “I can tell you this…Personally, if there was a new SB (school board), and new superintendent, and new finance director, I may be open to some compromise on my stance. I am very sure present school leadership has not acted fiscally sane. Until I see a move in that direction, I will not give an extra dime….. “

I cannot believe that an elected official in our little corner of the world would play politics with the lives and well being of Fluvanna County Public School students and staff. As I told him, my family and I are not political pawns. We’re real people with real financial issues. I don’t understand how someone in a position of authority can so blatantly disregard the well being of the community as a whole. What is going to happen to the local businesses when Fluvanna County Public School staff have four less days of pay? How is that going to effect the local economy?

I’m disgusted. I sincerely hope that the other members of the Board of Supervisors are taking the lives of the community members seriously and weighing all of their options carefully for the good of us all.

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