Stepping up

But then, something wonderful happened. Actually, several wonderful somethings happened. First, Central Elementary School Library received an anonymous donation of a substantial amount. Last spring the library at Central was divided three ways: to fulfill the needs of fifth graders attending Fluvanna Middle School, to create Carysbrook Elementary School Library, and to maintain a collection for Central’s PreK-2 school. To divide a collection is difficult at best, to do so without enhancement monies is collection devastation. This donation, made in memory of a father, will be used to purchase books for our non-fiction section. Thank you again, Fluvanna County Citizen!

Next, an energetic group of parents, headed up by Central’s PTO, appeared bright and early on Friday, Oct. 26, to set up our school book fair display for Family Night Kick-off. The arrangement and organization of the books and products was superb.

Finally, and over the course of three full days of book fair, parent volunteers manned Central’s book fair and Grandparent Day event, thus enabling me to continue my library classes and student check-out. Amazing! The book fair was a huge success, generating the only money the library will receive this year to purchase materials for the collection. Thank you!

So, amidst this botched budget, teacher and staff furlough days, and more furlough days, some of our community members, parents, and grandparents step up and support schools and teachers. Just when this educator is ready to throw in the towel, the determination and dedication of county citizens is a strong reminder about career choice. Now is the time for both elected boards and administration to follow the example of Fluvanna residents. Step up! Support education!

(Clarification of Furlough Days – These days are not vacation days, not holidays, not inclement weather days. These days impact Fluvanna County teachers and staff. Money is taken from their paychecks.)

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