Teacher time out

We uncover a 300 thousand dollar budget shortfall going into January 2013, no problem, and more furlough days for teachers and staff.

What happens if the price of diesel fuel goes up? How would we pay to continue to run our school buses? Oh that’s okay, no problem, we can just add another furlough day to the calendar and have the teachers and staff pay for it.

When did the educators of our children become the check book of our county? How sad it is when we stamp an account number on a group of individuals in order to pay our bills. What’s next –not enough salt or sand for our roads as a winter storm approaches? That’s okay, just open up the human educator checkbook and write a check and don’t forget to deduct two teachers, one bus driver, and a cafeteria worker from the balance.

Let’s be honest, the answer should not be how to cut our valuable resources, our educators, the question should be how we keep these valuable resources. If this becomes our focus then the answer will follow.

Here, let’s get started with this. Fluvanna’s population is almost 26,000. If everyone chipped in 12 dollars, problem solved, for now. Or maybe we should do what we should have done all along. Raise property taxes and be done with it once and for all.

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