What have we become?

This major change of heart started for me Friday morning. As my father and I ate breakfast, we were watching the national news. It would seem that shopping centers all over America had hired extra security. One mall had extra officers in the mall, police officers on horseback in the mall parking lot, and two helicopters in the air. What were they protecting us from? A foreign army, thieves in the night, and people from outer space? No, they were protecting us from ourselves. As I watched the fights, the pushing, and shoving, I thought “great role models mom and dad”. This Black Friday frenzy was not limited to one place, this was all over America.

What is so important about that toy or latest game that was worth punching that old lady in the face? All this deplorable behavior for a gift that will keep the child’s interest about as long as it takes him or her to go the next unwrapped present. Then, at some point over the next several days, these toys will wind up in a box, a closet, a basement to never be played with again.
What have we become?  The rest of the world says we are decadent pigs. What we increasingly see year after year on Black Friday bears this out. We should be ashamed of ourselves. We have no concept of giving or receiving as meant by normal human decency.  We must take a good look at ourselves and what we have become.

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