More than Christmas trees

How does selling Christmas trees do that? The Search Institute has identified forty building blocks of healthy development that help young people grow up healthy, caring, and responsible. Here are just some of those blocks that Scouts experience with the Christmas tree project: Support- Not only do Scouts work with their parents, who provide high levels of support, but they receive support from other non-parent adults and caring neighbors.
Empowerment- Scouts perceive that adults in the community value youth as they are given useful roles in the community and learn to feel safe in the neighborhood.
Boundaries and expectations- Selling Christmas trees is another example of clear rules and expectations being established and monitored, and where these young people have to model responsible behavior, and where that behavior is encouraged.
Constructive use of time- These young people spend several hours per week in an activity with friends within their community.
Commitment to learning- In preparation for selling Christmas trees, some Scouts worked towards their Salesmanship Merit Badge, and learned about various sales techniques. During their shifts, they get to put this into practice as they interact with the members of our community.
Positive values- And selling Christmas trees teaches them about being caring, having integrity, being honest and responsible.
Social competencies- While selling trees, young scouts learn about sensitivity, and being comfortable with people of different ages and cultural/ethnic/ racial backgrounds.
Positive identity- Through the selling of Christmas trees, these Scouts learn about personal power, get a sense that they  have a purpose and learn to be optimistic. After all, the money they raise will help them pay their own fees for summer camp, or help them buy needed outdoor gear, or new uniforms.
We are grateful to be in a community that has supported our scouts!

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