Uranium mining risky

The 30-year ban has been in place for several reasons. The primary reason is this: radioactive uranium waste. The milling process creates radioactive waste that lasts for thousands of years that would be stored in underground sites similar to landfills. Del. Donald W. Merricks, R-Pittsylvania, is concerned about the accidental release of this waste and said, “We are talking about maintaining in reality a Superfund waste site forever. Forever’s a long time, and quite frankly I do not believe there are enough bonds floating around (to) provide the necessary assurances for our citizens in case of a breach.”
Due to the potential of extensive flooding from hurricanes and naturally occurring flooding, Virginia Beach conducted their own study of the risks of uranium mining in nearby Pittsylvania County. As a result of the study, Virginia Beach City Council passed a resolution opposing uranium mining in Virginia. Chesapeake City also passed a resolution in support of the existing ban.
Which side has your support? Profits and potential jobs or health, safety and environmental concerns? I choose the health and safety of future generations every time we roll the dice. Especially today as a 7.3 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Japan. Mother Nature is both unpredictable and emboldened by the ever rising ocean levels and global temperature averages and melting sea ice in the Arctic. Man-made catastrophes appear to be the wave of the future.

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